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Awards and Recognitions

Mother Nature Award Finalist

Mother nature award finalist and has been chosen as one of the best among entries in 2018 in “Compliant to environmental policies, regulations and lows with no pending violation from the community and concerned stakeholders” criteria.

Consistent with the provision in the Philippine Mining Act, The Office of Resident Mine Manaager, in coordination with relevant Departments/Sections, takes the lead in planning, implementing, and monitoring mitigating measures, particularly those related to controlling air, water and noise emissions, to ensure that mining operations will not pose adverse effect on the physical environment.

On the other hand, the MEPEO, Mining Operation, among others, conduct rehabilitation and reforestation activities aimed at restoring or reclaiming areas disturbed by the mining activity.

A number of rehabilitation and reforestation programs/projects are being implemented to carry out the objective of restoring areas disturbed by mining activities to a safe, stable, and non-erodable condition with the end view of establishing a land use capability that is functional and proximate to the land use prior to their disturbance. These include: (a) Rehabilitation of mined-out areas; (b) Mangrove reforestation project; (c) Schools mini-forest; (d) National Greening Program; (e) Pier site and road side greening project; (f) Nursery establishment;(g) Herbal and botanical garden; (h) Horticulture Project; and (i) Permaculture project for sustainable livelihood adaptation of the nearby community after mine life.

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