Resources Group, Inc.
Mission, Vision, Corporate Values


ORE seeks to optimize the company’s present and future investments by seamlessly delivering raw materials at a competitive price, matched by its capability to produce and distribute them.

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ORE envisions itself to be a steward of the earth’s natural resources. Driven by the values of excellence, integrity, safety, and respect for the environment, ORE will stand at the forefront of economic development, while improving the lives of local communities and taking care of the environment for future generations.

Corporate Values

Excellence, no less. ORE delivers beyond what is expected, creates value for its shareholders’ investment, and serves the needs of the immediate community.

Integrity above all. ORE builds relationships of trust with its partners, stakeholders, and communities.

Safety is first. ORE adheres to the highest standards of safety to protect both our workforce and the communities in which it operates.

Environment matters. Environmental protection and sustainability are an integral part of ORE’s business activities and corporate policies.

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