Resources Group, Inc.
Projects for the Environment

Citinickel staunchly advocates responsible mining and various programs are already in place to achieve the goal to operate in a sustainable environment. We particularly engage in traditional farming and implement programs in environment-friendly manner.

A tree planting/reforestation program is in place in the mine site areas, as well as a nursery where seedlings, particularly endemic species and perennial fruit bearing trees,are procured from the IPs and host communities and are propagated. Composting is also widely used to maintain the nursery.

Two hectares of land in the mine site have been planted with mahogany and dragonfruit. Road embankments, idle land and mined-out areas have been re-vegetated and rehabilitated. The company has also donated about 208,000 seedlings of narra, cashew, Palawan cherry, mahogany, mango and other endemic species to several municipalities and barangays in Palawan.

In support of Executive Order No. 26 or the National Greening Program, Citinickel has committed to provide the entire province of Palawan with five million trees in 25 years via tree planting and seedling donations.