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To ORE, operational excellence is equal to carrying out its functions in a safe, reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally-sound way. This guides us to efficiently operate our two mining sites.

In relation to company’s mine site expansion and on-going site development, the company has appropriated P300,000,000 for the additional construction and development works, exploration and validation works, and purchase of crushing plant. Additional construction and development works includes pier expansion and/or widening, for both mine sites, to accommodate more barges and/or LCTs during vessel loading; relocation of administrative office in Española from mine site to causeway; acquisition of adjacent properties for additional and bigger stock pile area and additional sample prep area; construction of new laboratory for Española; construction of villas and motor pools for both site which is now on- going. The proposed crushing plant to be purchased will be used for the crushing or reducing of nickel ore lateritic rocks/boulders into small sizes to attain the allowable size of not more than 200mm.

Buoyed by the prospects of the mining industry, Citinickel aims to attain more in the future by extracting mineral ore at optimum capacity. As part of its long-term development plan, the company also prospects to acquire more mineral lands.

Furthermore, Citinickel bolsters operations by hiring more experts and competent engineers to assure seamless operations, by acquiring new equipment, and by improving existing ones, while safeguarding its commitment to responsible mining.

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