5 Sep

Education is a big issue in this country, especially when topic is about students being able to attend and finish school. Students in provinces or far-flung areas of the country have few chances of getting an education much less being able to finish studying because of all the expenses involved in studying.

Citinickel Mines and Development Corp., have chosen 24 students to receive scholarships to study the courses they want in any colleges, universities, or vocational school within Palawan so that they can secure their futures’ success. Ana Pia Espartero, Jerald Bagnate, Jeliza Limco, Sally Faye Hisona, Marbelson Anonat, Lawrence Bacaron, Beverly Adlima, and Joefe Jofel Aguirre are 8 of the 24 scholars of Citinickel.

When students heard about the scholarship being offered, many have applied. 24 of those who applied were granted the scholarship given that they did not have any failing marks. This made it a little easier for the students rather than having a benchmark grade to reach. Another thing is that, the scholarship was not only offered to incoming first year students but to students in all years or college.

To these students, finishing their studies is the only way to help their families. To them, getting an education would set them apart from those who didn’t and maybe get ahead in life. One of the biggest concerns these children has is becoming like one of the tambays they often see around them. They do not wish to spend their days listless and without direction. These scholars understand that the way to a great life has to begin with having proper education.

Sally Faye Hisona, a 1st year student of WPU-Main taking up BS Social Worker said, “The difference between a person who finished his studies and a person who didn’t is clear to us. The difference between lifestyles is clear. Many people who finished their studies end up becoming successful and accomplished. We want that, not only for ourselves but for our family.”

You can see the potential and the drive to succeed from these students when they talked about their heroes or the person they look up to. The families of these 8 students serve as their inspiration and strength. They have seen their mothers and fathers work hard to support the dream of having all their children finish their studies. They have also seen their older brothers and sisters striving to finish their studies even working while studying just to support themselves and not become a burden to their parents.

Jerald Bagnate, another one of the twenty-four scholars, taking up BS Civil Engineering also in WPU-Main says that his hero is his father. “My father wanted to be an engineer but because he was not able to finish his studies he was not able to become an engineer. Because of my father’s continuous hardwork and support despite having so little and being able to finish his studies, I will fulfill his dream for him. I will become an engineer for him.” He tells with determination.

These students are conjuring big dreams and even bigger ambitions as some of them have expressed their wish of moving away from the island to go to the city or to go to another country after finishing their studies. However, their purpose for moving away is to merely get experience in working in their respective fields and then returning to Palawan. These students wish to, in their own small ways, use what they have learned to give back to their hometown.

These 8 students along with their other co-scholars are hopeful that they can finish their studies with Citinickel’s help so they too, just like their heroes, can, in turn, contribute to the small community of Palawan and make it a little better for everyone. Who knows, the next great engineer, teacher or business mogul may be among these scholars.