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Board of Directors

Caroline L. TanchayCaroline L. Tanchay
Chairman | President | Director

Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc. Ms. Tanchay is also the President of Citimax Group, Inc, Rockworks Resources Corp., Rockworks, Inc., Citinickel Mines and Development Corp., and Maxwell Heavy Equipment Corp., and a director in Moreland Realty Corp. She obtained her degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management from the De La Salle University in 1988.

David AttewillDavid Attewill

Attewill is also the manager of international operations for Worley Parsons Limited, and is currently the president of Euro Decommissioning Services, Philippines, Inc. He used to be the operations director for Crew Minerals Corporation, Inc, EDS Philippines, Inc. and Cleveland Bridge LTD. He also held the position of managing director for Kvaerner Philippines Corp, Inc. He obtained his Masters of Business Administration from the University of West of England, UK in 1993.

Irving LinIrving Lin

Lin is the founder of several corporations, such as the Abest International, Inc., Acen Communication, Inc., China Mining Resources, Inc., Sino Mining Resources. He is also a joint venture partner for Adani Group, Inc. He obtained his degree in Bachelor of Marine Science from the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan and completed his Masters in Business Administration in Steven Institute of Technology in the United States.

Alonzo Espanola
Alonzo Española

Española holds the position of president in various corporations such as: Martam Shipping Corporation, Graincom Corporation, Bandila Construction and Development Corporation and Hardrock Aggregates, Inc. He obtained his degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from the Letran College in 1985.

Fernando EsquerraFernando Esquerra

Esguerra is the president of Falcon Peak Resources Development Corp. and member of the board of directors of China Nickel Mining Philippine Corp and Olympic Mines and Development Corp. He used to be the executive vice president and director of Olympic Mines and Development Corp, president of Pyramid Hill Mining and Industrial Corp., director of Mt. Abo-abo Agro Industrial Development Corp., president of Patricia Louise Mining and Development Corp, president of Sara Marie Mining and Development Corp, and director of Palawan Alpha South Resources Development Corp.

Amor DionisioAmor Dionisio

Dionisio is a director in the following corporations: Maxwell Heavy Equipment Corp, Rockworks, Inc., Rockworks Resources Corp. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 1974 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce.

Evelyn Tan ThaiEvelyn Tan Thai
Independent Director

Thai is engaged in manufacturing machineries locally used for woodworking & metal crafts, used by sawmills, lumberyards, sash factories & furniture makers. She is at present engaged as one of the marketing consultants for Recreational Outdoor Exchange or R.O.X. with an advocacy of promoting safe outdoor adventures and Travel.

Josephine Joy CanebaJosephine Joy D. Cañeba
Corporate Secretary

Cañeba was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2005 and joined the Feria Law Office as an associate in 2006, with main focus in capital market transactions.